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Caernarfon Through the Eye of Time

T Meirion Hughes  Other books by T Meirion Hughes

From historic ships and shipping families, riots and flag burning to recreational and leisurely activities through CaernarfonŸs vivid past; Caernarfon through the Eye of Time takes us on an eye-opening journey through 18th-20th century Caernarfon. If these Castle walls could talk. Written by popular local historian, T. Meirion Hughes in his distinctive congenial and informative manner.

ISBN: 9781847719300

Category: History

Language: English



  "Nobody knows Caernarfon better than Meirion Hughes. Born and bred in the town, he has spent a lifetime researching and talking to its people. In this book he deals with a broad sweep of the more off-beat aspects of the town's history. Here we have the story of a cholera epidemic when the dead were buried even on Christmas Day; the exploits of a much decorated air ace of World War I; a visit from Buffalo Bill accompanied by cowboys and Young Sitting Bull; the crossing of the Menai Straits in a hot-air balloon in 1857; an account of the last hours of a murderer, and much more. Exciting stuff!" - Glenda Carr

  "As a local historian, Meirion has an unique and friendly manner of presenting history, which makes this book highly interesting and very readable." - Glyn Tomos

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