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Tryweryn: Claudia Williams

Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan  Other books by Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan

The drowning of the Tryweryn valley near Bala by Liverpool Corporation in the mid-1960s was a traumatic episode in the history of modern Wales and followed an eigh-year effort to prevent the destruction of homes. It left a deep scar not only on the families so cruelly uprooted but also on the wider Welsh-speaking community.

In this series of paintings, Claudia Williams movingly explores her own personal response to the tragic, forcible destruction of this cultured community.

ISBN: 9781847719249

Category: Art

Language: Bi-lingual



  "Especially emotive are the depictions of simple, every day events happening for the last time the last day for the children in the village school, the sheepdog trials, and milking the cows on one of the little farmsteads. Outstandingly poignant is the pained expression on the face of the mother who is leaving her home for ever and desperately concerned for her family's future (p.62), and the picture of the local children watching the village being demolished in 1965 (pp.64-65). A most presentable and significant publication overall." - J. Graham Jones, Gwales

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