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Gimme Shelter (hardback)

Rob Gittins  Other books by Rob Gittins

What if, out of the blue, you witnessed a major crime?

What if your testimony, and yours alone, could put one of the most dangerous criminals in the country behind bars?

Would you do it?

And if you do, who's there to protect you?

Gimme Shelter pits a young, female, Witness Protection Officer against one of the deadliest psychopaths imaginable as she fights to keep her latest witness safe; but is that witness all she claims to be?

And, in a world in which nothing can be taken on trust, is the Protection Officer all she seems?

Gimme Shelter is a breathlessly pitched thriller, populated by vivid, deeply flawed characters in which villains become heroes and moral boundaries blur. Technically terrific, and with the authorial voice in full command, this is a masterly text in which the various strands pull together with hypnotic intensity. Sophisticated, hard-hitting and genuinely scary.

ISBN: 9781847717627

Category: Fiction

Language: English



  "This is a strong debut, well-plotted and superbly written with a sharply-realised cast that I'd very much like to see more of, even though I did have to read the book from behind the sofa, peering through my fingers and hoping that someone would keep me safe from the bogeymen populating its pages. This is not a book for the faint-hearted, but it's very much worth weathering the stomach-churning detail for a police thriller that grabs an unusual angle and runs with it, maintaining pace and tension throughout." - Linda Wilson, Crime Review

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