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Clawr | Cover

Looking for Wales

Gerald Morgan  Other books by Gerald Morgan

Looking for Wales is an informal, wide-ranging guide to Wales.

How did dragons, goats and leeks become symbols of Welsh identity? Why is the Welsh border such a funny shape? Did Cardiff really want to become the Welsh capital? And where did all the Joneses come from?

This book answers these - and other - questions while also providing more conventional information on Welsh castles, churches as well as Welsh music, literature and sport.

A delight to read, every page is informed by Gerald Morgan's lifetime interest in Wales and its culture.

Table of contents:

1 Looking for the Welsh Border,

2 Looking for the Welsh Language,

3 Looking for a Welsh Capital,

4 Looking for Welsh Castles,

5 Looking for Welsh Churches,

6 Looking for the Great Houses of Wales,

7 Looking for a Welsh Muse,

8 Looking for Welsh Names,

9 Looking for the Land of Song,

10 Looking for Welsh Icons,

11 Looking for Welsh Sport,

12 Looking for British Ancestors: the Pseudo-History of Wales.

ISBN: 9781847717078

Category: History

Language: English


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