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Clawr | Cover

Cardiff before Cardiff

Jon Pountney, Alun Gibbard  Other books by Jon Pountney, Alun Gibbard

This is the story of a capital city during two separate decades of its existence. What happened in the lost years between the first photographs, which were taken in the 1970s, and 2012, when the most recent were taken, is a story of human drama and emotion - of chance, reconciliation and re-creation, facilitated by social media.

Hundreds of prints and negatives taken by Cardiff photographer Keith S. Robertson lay forgotten in drawers in one of the city's buildings for years - the photographer himself had been told they had been destroyed. They were found, however, by another photographer, Jon Pountney, who realised their creative and social value immediately. The result of his restorative work on the photographs and the reaction generated from the people portrayed or who have seen them is what we have in this fascinating book.

Robertson's powerful black and white images show the people and streets of Splott and other areas of Cardiff during the 1970s and the early '80s. Pountney's work revisits some of those same areas today. His work shows how little has changed, as well as how much.

ISBN: 9781847715715

Category: Art History

Language: English



  "The story of how the book came about is as fascinating as the evolution of the capital itself... The book is a stunning, lovingly-wrought portrait of the street life of not just a city, but more importantly, its people who show that their surroundings may be fast-changing but they, essentially, reassuringly, stay the same." - Jason Jones, RedHanded Magazine

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