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Slaying the Dragon

Robert W Griffiths  Other books by Robert W Griffiths

A broad critique of the negative role that religion has played in influencing human culture historically along with an updated look at its conflict with the atheist ethos. This goes hand in hand with a personal reflection on why the author became a non-believer.

ISBN: 9781847714800

Category: History

Language: English


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  "It is evident that Griffiths has committed himself to a huge amount of research not only in the field of Christianity, but with a much wider remit into world religions. The more he develops his view of them, the more he exposes much of the things which he percives as the cant and hypocrisy within them all." - Liz Whittaker, The Tivyside

  "Slaying the Dragon is not just an excellent read but an important one. The arguments put forward are taut, articulate, thoroughly well researched and interspersed with personal anecdotes making it accessible throughout, especially to atheists wishing to reaffirm their understanding or agnostics seeking a clearer choice other than fence sitting. As for the religious, you can only hope they would read this book if only to truly grasp the viewpoint of an atheist. They would learn it is not the maligned force many of them have been led to believe it is, but simply a rational understanding embracing reality with humanity firmly at its core." - Customer review, Amazon

  "Pob clod i wasg Y Lolfa am fentro i gyhoeddi 'Slaying the Dragon' - ar yr wyneb, ryn ni yma yng Nghymru yn arafach na llawer i dderbyn tystiolaeth gyfoes am wendidau a diffygion crefydd. Braf, felly, yw gweld cyfrol arloesol sy'n ceisio'n harwain at wirioneddau go iawn, yn hytrach na cheisio'n trwytho mewn chwedloniaeth sy'n ddi-sail..." - Androw Bennett, Y Cymro

  "Griffiths' reading is impressive... He provides neat insights and the sympathetic will take much away with them." - Buzz Magazine

  "I have a shelf full of books on rationalism, atheism, humanism, scepticism but none of them can compete with the clarity and down to earth approach that Robert Griffiths brings to the task of tackling the nonsense of religious belief. Read this book and if you have a normally functioning brain you will agree that the author's arguments are brilliantly put and unanswerable. Freethinkers will enjoy the popular writing style. Believers will have a golden opportunity to get off their knees and get their lives back. A full 5 star rating!" - Customer review, Amazon

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