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The Red Dragons: The Story of Welsh Football (pb)

Phil Stead  Other books by Phil Stead

The story of football in Wales is told for the first time in this entertaining tale of the game's development. Follow 135 years of the national side as it struggles against the odds to bring glory to a country which is hungry for success. Remind yourself of glorious victories and shake your head at the catalogue of scarcely credible misfortune. Discover the history of the country's clubs. Take a fresh look at our most famous players from a Welsh perspective, and as we recover from one of several tragedies to blight our history, be reminded why Welsh football matters.

Hardback version also available.

ISBN: 9781847714688

Category: Sport

Language: English


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  "Thoroughly enjoyable, and a book that had to be written... It's an astonishing story of a terrific struggle against the odds, with some decidedly odd characters making an appearance. It is, without doubt, the definite work." - Ian Garland

  "Stead doubtless once dreamed of playing for Wales, but with this book serves his nation better than many who achieved that ambition." - Ashley Clark, When Saturday Comes

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