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Ling-di-long - Lefel 1 Mynediad

(gol.) Meleri Wyn James  Other books by Meleri Wyn James

The second book for Welsh learners at Mynediad (entry) level in a series of 6 new books for learners called Ar Ben Ffordd (idiom: to help someone get started).

Ling-di-long (idiom: at your own pace) is the second of two books for people who are learning to speak Welsh and want to start reading in Welsh for the first time. The short pieces provide easy and enjoyable material with additional vocabulary.

There is also another book in the series for learners at Mynediad level called Camu Ymlaen.

ISBN: 9781847714602

Category: Learners

Language: Welsh

Part of the series: Ar Ben Ffordd


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