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Tongue Tied

Peter Griffiths  Other books by Peter Griffiths

It is 1876 when we are fist introduced to Elfed Evans and Edwards Jones - Elfed of the Tryweryn Valley and Edward of the Celyn, two childhood friends whose friendship has been forged in the shadow of the inspirational Arenig Fawr. The lives of the two nineteen-year-olds then head in different directions. Edward decides to leave the beautiful countryside of north Wales in hope of a more secure future in the coal pits of the Rhondda in south Wales, while Elfed chooses to remain in Tryweryn to farm his father's land. The two friends never meet again, but they are forever bound by an act of camaraderie, a symbol of their deep friendship, the consequences of which will be felt by their families. Tongue Tied allows us to witness Welsh family life during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, from the perspective of the farm and the coal pit, as we follow the lives and struggles of the Evans and Jones families. This is a powerful story that explores relationships, religion, language and identity - and how all these things can , ultimately, tear families apart.

ISBN: 9781847710970

Category: Fiction

Language: English


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