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Clawr | Cover

Highlights from Welsh History

Emrys Roberts  Other books by Emrys Roberts

If you would like to know more about the huge contributions this small nation of Wales has made to the world, read this book.

What do you really know about Wales?

Did you happen to know that Wales...

- produced a man probably more responsible than Charles Darwin for developing the theory of evolution?

- was the birthplace of a woman at least as pesponsible as Florence Nightingale for developing the nursing profession.

- boasted the most advanced laws in Europe in the Middle Ages.

- produced Britain's only effective royal dynasty and most capable prime minister.

These and many other fascinating facts about Wales will be revealed within the covers of this book.

ISBN: 9781784613891

Category: History

Language: English



  " an enjoyable read which will not only educate fellow citizens of Wales, but whose contents will also surely surprise those from the other side of Offa's Dyke who are inclined to think we are a bit of a Celtic backwater, and that the Land of Song has little to sing about. The reality is very different, and Emrys Roberts should be thanked for promoting our achievements in such a witty and readable manner. " - Richard E Huws, Gwales

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