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Thomas Jones Pencerrig

Richard Veasey  Other books by Richard Veasey

This first, full-length biography of the eighteenth-century landscape artist Thomas Jones (1742-1803) seeks to draw together the different threads of his life. It follows his career as a painter, first in London and then in Italy where he spent six and a half years. In 1787 he unexpectedly inherited the family estate at Pencerrig in Radnorshire on the death of his elder brother and spent the rest of his life as a country squire.

As well as supervising all the farmwork undertaken, he was personally involved in several landscaping projects, yet he continued to paint whenever he could. During his later years he wrote his lively memoirs based largely on his experiences in London, Roma and Naples.

ISBN: 9781784613709

Category: Art

Language: English



  "Thomas Jones was also a fine writer and Veasey makes the very valid point that at times the written word could be a more effective medium to describe a scene than a brush or pencil on canvas or paper. One complemented the other. A delightfully informative book. " - Gwyn Griffiths, Morning Star

  "For the first time we now have a comprehensive, throroughly researched and well written biography of one of our foremost landscape artists from the eighteenth century, Thomas Jones, Pencerrig. With composite skill and imaginative insight, Richard Veasey has brought together in this fine study the various disparate strands of Jones's interesting life and diverse achievements. " - John Graham Jones, Gwales

  "Until I read Richard Veasey's biography, Thomas Jones Pencerrig - Artist, Traveller, Country Squire, I had no idea just how important a figure he is in the history of Welsh art. Veasey provides us with some fasincating insights into Jones' character and the life which shaped it. Throughout his life Jones kept a book of accounts and wrote a trail of memoirs, as well as uncompleted works of fiction. These rich details come to life in Veasey's biography." - Simon Williams-Jones, Planet Magazine

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