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Penny Lane and All That

Ann Carlton  Other books by Ann Carlton

Penny Lane and All That is a celebration of growing up in Liverpool's Penny Lane neighbourhood in the 1940s and 1950s a place and time very familiar to the Quarrymen/Beatles who celebrated it in their well-known song.

From first-hand experience the writer describes the Penny Lane area itself, the squalor of the city's slums, the treatment of needy children and unmarried mothers, the glamour of civic events and the cultural diversity of the city including the writer's own Welsh background. Childhood stays in early NHS hospitals where parents were only allowed to visit two days a week, schools with high academic expectations, and church activities that were fun, are also described.

Ann suggests the nature of Liverpool citizens' life experiences through the generations has promoted its huge range of talented stars, fostered the Scouse sense of humour, and promoted the fierce opposition to injustice that so many brought up in the city possess.

ISBN: 9781784613693


Language: English



  "'A wonderful slice of social history and a highly relevant social commentary on the people of Liverpool in the 19th Century'" - Alan Evans, Llanelli Online

  "The book is rich in detail and consequently a wonderul portrait of chdilhood. Books like this one help to make sense of an put into context our own childhood experiences, and that's a very valuable thing." - Pat Ashworth, Church Times

  "Liverpool is a unique city in many ways and there is by now a small library of books written about it. Penny Lane and All That is nonetheless a welcome and highly readable addition, recalling the vitality and creativity, as well as the tensions and poverty, of a world that has all but disappeared." - John Barnie, Gwales

  "This book is a celebration of the 'special' city of Liverpool by Ann Carlton who has had a long and distinguished career in politics and journalism. Laughter, compassion, a love for other human beings and a vibrant cultural life unite the city." - Order, Order

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