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When Dragons Dare to Dream

Jamie Thomas  Other books by Jamie Thomas

When Dragons Dare to Dream picks up the story from Jamie Thomas' much-praised first book, The Dragon Roars Again, and recounts Wales' unbelievable achievements at Euro 2016 their first major international tournament in nearly 60 years. With forewords by Joe Ledley and Chris Gunter, and exclusive behind-the-scenes insights from key figures both on and off the pitch.

ISBN: 9781784613563

Category: Sport

Language: English



  "When Dragons Dare to Dream is brilliant in every regard, an incredible read for any football fan. The Euros were a great event and Wales had to be the best feel good story of the entire summer. Reading this is a great learning experience and we came away with a strong understanding of how Wales stole the show at Euro 2016, their first major international tournament in nearly 60 years." - International Soccer Network

  "Having read this highly enjoyable book I began wondering what made it different from all the other retrospective books on the Euro finals. Then I realised that it hadn't seemed like reading a book. It had rather felt as if I had spent an afternoon in a corner of my favourite bar listening to Welsh soccer fans discussing the Great Adventure. These chapters are colourful and exuberant, with Thomas recreating the local atmosphere and the action in every game. Indeed, so vivid are his descriptions that I could swear, having read them, that I had been there myself.
" - Lyn Ebenezer, Gwales

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