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Our Holy Ground

John I. Morgans, Peter C. Noble  Other books by John I. Morgans, Peter C. Noble

Our Holy Ground places the Welsh Christian experience within its wider historic context. In text and image, the book begins with the origins of a people and the shaping of a Christian people in the post-Roman era. The story ends with the challenges and potential of the twenty-first century, often described as post-Christian. Here is a journey through Welsh history and a pilgrimage through contemporary Wales.

ISBN: 9781784612801

Category: History

Language: English



  "The book is an outstanding review of the tradition and contribution of the chapel to the survival of the Welsh language and as a social pressure group. Hopefully it will inspire congregations of “ageing faithful” who stick stubbornly to “their chapel” to take forward ideas for “change”, In addition, it highlights indirectly the need for ministers and leaders to gain skills in promoting rapport with children and young adults to inspire them with knowledge and confidence to value Nonconformism, not merely for its historical roles, but also as a key aspect of life in the twenty first century. " - John Morris, Y Clawdd

  "Our Holy Ground gives us fresh understanding of the nation. He tells a moving story of the history of Wales and of Christianity there. His knowledge and passion are revealed in the clarity of
his writing and the honesty of his judgment. This book is worth reading by Scottish, English and Welsh who will learn more about Wales' bond with Christianity but also see their different histories and religious experiences in a new light." - Tony Burnham, Reform Magazine

  "A great strength of this book is that it treats the political history of Wales and its Christian experience as closely intertwined. Wales emerged with its own identity between 400-600 as already in the process of becoming a Christian nation. This Christianity was based on the Clas, larger churches dedicated to local saints in a loose federation with smaller Llanau similarly dedicated. Morgans himself started an ecumenical church in the Rhondda, not one independent of the denominations, but with their full support; and he sees this as the way forward. He has written this book, which seeks to treat all forms of the faith fairly, because he thinks that they can all claim its history as their own, and learn its lessons. This absorbing study is accompanied by scores of photos by Peter Noble of places associated with the Christian faith." - Rt Revd Lord Harries of Pentregarth, Church Times

  "This readable and well-illustrated work offers a departure from the usual analysis of the history of Christianity in Wales. Rather than focus on the rise and decline of movements and institutions, it attempts to find a unifying theme in the Welsh people's strong sense of place which, it is argued, informs religious experience. And so an overview of the development of Christianity in Wales from the earliest times to today is linked throughout to places of significance, which in turn are illustrated by colour photographs. The story is very well told, and shows a refreshingly critical approach without excessive bias. It seems to challenge the reader to consider the importance of place – in a commercial age, is there still room for a uniquely Welsh Christian experience, drawing on a rich and varied heritage? The authors of this attractive book certainly think so, and give their readers much food for thought. " - Rhidian Griffiths, Gwales

  "Our Holy Ground is a timely survey of the Welsh Christian experience, as seen through the yes of two wise and experienced pastors, raised and nurtured in the Welsh reformed tradition. " - Rev. Andrew Sully, IWA Magazine

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