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Secret Shelter (hardback)

Rob Gittins  Other books by Rob Gittins

For most people, the past is history.

For Witness Protection Officer, Ros Gilet, it's a threat.

And it's a threat that's just become all-too active as a copycat killer in the present brings back from the past characters who are no longer supposed to exist.

Real life ghosts in fact - but who are these ghosts? And what do they want?

In her search to find out, Ros will uncover a hidden story that spells disaster not only for herself, but for those closest to her.

But in a story that comes to more and more resemble a 3D chess puzzle, tw questions begin to dominate:

How far is Ros prepared to go to safeguard her clients?

And why is her past as much of a mystery as the people she's chosen to protect?

Secret Shelter is a thrilling, taut, psychological thriller that features characters first encountered in Rob Gittins' debut novel, Gimme Shelter. Startling and original, with audacious plot twists, this as a world in which absolutely nothing can be taken at face value.

ISBN: 9781784611880

Category: Fiction

Language: English


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