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Percy Bush: Welsh Rugby's Little Marvel

Ken Poole  Other books by Ken Poole

Percy Bush was an extraordinary personality both on and off the field and despite only playing on eight occasions for Wales, his performances and games he was associated with are legendary.

He was captain of Cardiff RFC, the first British Lion to score 100 points on a tour, one of the first truly international rugby players and one of the greatest rugby characters.

Certainly, Percy Bush can make a strong claim to be the mould from which all subsequent Welsh Number 10s have been modelled.

Table of contents:

Tabl cynnwys:


Chapter 1 - It's in the Genes

Chapter 2 - Rugby from the Early Beginnings

Chapter 3 - With the Old Crocks in Australia and New Zealand 1904

Chapter 4 - International Player

Chapter 5 - The Rugby Championship of the World

Chapter 6 - Blue and Black - Glory and Despair

Chapter 7 - Sojourn in France and Later Years



ISBN: 9781784611217

Category: Sport

Language: English



  "A highly recommended historical account of a Cardiff and Wales outstanding rugby player. The author must be commended for his unique research and excellent presentation of one of Cardiff's superstar rugby players. A must for anyone's bookshelf." - Amazon reviewer

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