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Wales Defeated England

Lynn Davies  Other books by Lynn Davies

Wales against England is one of the fiercest rivalries in sport. And for Wales, victories against England at rugby union are the sweetest of them all. As the Stereophonics reminded us: "As long as we beat the English, we don't care". Moments from these matches are part of Welsh folklore. Phil Bennett's rousing speech, Henson's tackle (and kick), that try by Scott Gibbs at Wembley and Cuthbert's tries to demolish England in 2013 will always be savoured by Welsh rugby fans above all else.

In this book you can relive all of those 56 victories over England, and rekindle the joy that came over the audience in Treorchy when Max Boyce sang his famous song.

ISBN: 9781784611163

Category: Sport

Language: English


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  "Great book. Amazing value. It is quite remarkable how Wales have managed to beat England on so many occasions against the odds. Ideal gift to any Welsh rugby fan. Picks me up whenever I feel under the weather. " - Amazon review

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