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The Last Hit

Llwyd Owen  Other books by Llwyd Owen

A gripping novel by Llwyd Owen about an under-world of gang warfare in south Wales, where murder is becoming a way of life. The Welsh-language version of this novel, Yr Ergyd Olaf, was published in November 2007 and long listed for the 2008 Welsh Language Book of the Year award.

ISBN: 9780956012579

Category: Fiction

Language: English


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  "Owen enjoys telling the story and the novel is a page-turner, all leading up to a fitting climax as the various strands are drawn together. If you're looking for a book to read on the beach this summer or, as might be the case, looking for a book to read while waiting for the incessant Welsh rain to stop, you should enjoy 'The Last Hit'... it's quite a ride." - The Lone Reader

  "Try as I might to avoid writing 'fanzine' style reviews for this site it is difficult to avoid playing the role of 'cheerleader' where Llwyd Owen is concerned. This is the second of his six Welsh language novels published by Y Lolfa to be translated into English and one can only hope that the other three will follow shortly... The many humorous touches enrich a narrative which moves at a breathless pace as it builds towards its grisly climax. A real page turner, this is a book that you'll probably finish in a day and be left wanting more. An unreserved five star recommendation." - Ceri Shaw, AmeriCymru

  "This tasty confection of a crime novel from Welsh author Owen (Faith, Hope & Love) centers on Al “Tubbs” Bach, a Cardiff hit man who longs for a normal life free of his manipulative father-figure, T-Bone. Unfortunately, T-Bone, the Bandidos biker gang's casually murderous leader, will never let go of Tubbs, the son of his slain lover, Foxy Mulldare. Meanwhile, Petra, notorious since inadvertently starting the fire that killed her parents, wants a better life, too, but first will have to escape predatory pimp Vexl and his thuggish sidekick, Gimpmon. Eschewing complex characterization, Owen draws Tubbs, T-Bone, et al. in bold, stark colors. Narrative flourishes like flashbacks and shifting viewpoints can't conceal this briskly paced novel's essential linearity as it races toward a foreordained confrontation between killers." - Publishers Weekly

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