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Clawr | Cover

The Great Purple Sphere

Huw Jones  Other books by Huw Jones

Money's tight in Jasper Tuttle's house. He's not expecting any special summer holiday when Professor Lightship invites his family to guard his boathouse. A hidden shaft leads Jasper and his reluctant companion Emily on a strange and dangerous journey. Travelling through crystal tunnels, they find themselves in the Great Purple Sphere, a doorway to distant worlds. Here they discover talking liquids; plump Quadripeckers; Dr Quebec's Instant Hypnosis Spray (definitely NOT to be used on St Coconut's Day); seven velvet pouches; smelly Grislefly; speedwalking Wrinklebone; cat-sized venom spiders and the hideous, deadly Cloud. With the clock ticking away its mortal micro-tickles, Jasper and Emily are given a vital task. Find Skyclimber. Oh, and save the Universe.

ISBN: 9780862439460

Category: Teens

Language: English


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