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Clawr | Cover

Street Welsh

Heini Gruffudd  Other books by Heini Gruffudd

Comprehensive and up-to-date full colour Welsh language phrasebook. With grammar and dictionary.

ISBN: 0862439027

Category: Learners

Language: English



  "With basic dictionary, grammar tips and phonetic spellings in English, the handbook is easy to follow and is laid out simply with clear translations" - Big Issue

  "This handy (hwylus) little book which not only gives you a great dictionary towards the back but numerous phrases and even an idiot' guide on how to pronounce them." - Andy Howells, South Wales Angus 05/08/06

  "“This is one of the first Welsh guide books to be published in full colour and the book includes countless real life examples of Welsh being used in public places.”" - www.walesunited.com/welshbooks

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