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The Janus Effect

Alan Cash  Other books by Alan Cash

2040. Britain is at war - with itself. A military dictatorship rules from London. There is only one TV channel - English TV - controlled by the government. Overhead, in geostationary orbit, squats Eurocom One, a space station run by joint European and Russian big business, from whom the British government has rented space for secret experiments on population and crowd control. Compulsory identity cards are a reality. Information in them is unknown to the bearer. It can be altered to suit the government's purposes. In the south, on the Isle of Wight, is a huge concentration camp of economic migrants waiting to be forcibly shipped home. In the West is fortress Anglesey, an island wide prison for political prisoners. The East End of London is flooded, following a massive swell in the North Sea in the winter of 2039. The sea level has risen, drowning parts of the south coast. On Guernsey, buried deep in the caves tunnelled by the Nazis in the second World War, is Project Alpha. A man wakes up in a military prison hospital. 20 years have been a wiped from his memory. He is a 40 year old man with the memories of a man in his twenties. Sprung from captivity by people who claim he is their leader, but dubbed terrorists by the government, he is given the chance to recover his lost years - at a price. He is the only one to have penetrated Project Alpha.. If only he could remember what he'd done...... We are what we remember. The Janus Effect is a thrilling novel of a future Britain, one that could too easily come true.

ISBN: 0862437695

Category: Fiction

Language: English



  "The Janus Effect is complex, at times deliberately confusing. It tells the story of a man with an identity crisis. Moss/Loratu is a character whose past is tied up with Project Alpha, a top secret project involving time travel. The question posed by the story is: who is he? Is he Moss, the legitimate company trouble shooter, or Loratu, the terrorist leader? Or is he both? Alan carefully weaves his characters through a mesh of flashbacks and events that gradually congeal into a sense of reality. In the process he sets up an intriguing love triangle involving two women - Veema and Camille - who each appear to have claims on his affection.
I enjoyed the story, though I did feel a little cheated in the way Alan resolved the strange bond between Moss and the two women. As someone who has not been a big follower of science fiction for some years, I found this a refreshing change. " - Mark Robson, SF/ Fantasy Author

  " What did I think of it? It's a fast- paced science fiction adventure story with echoes of The Matrix and ( dare I say it? ) Doctor Who.
The Janus Effect is set in Britain in 2040, where Eugenics is the dominant philosophy and only the genetically perfect are allowed to breed. The central character, Moss/Loratu ( you need to read the book to understand the two names ), leads an undercover resistance movement. The trouble is, he has been captured and 20 years have been wiped from his memory. The book concerns his struggle to remember who he is and change the past to protect the future.
The story starts and continues at breakneck pace, with a series of twists and double twists that keep you guessing right to the end. It also includes some very interesting speculations about the nature and consequences of time travel.
If you like intelligent science fiction adventure stories it's a good read.
" - Nick Dawes. Journalist and Freelance Writer

  "Nice crisp prose, emotional intelligence and a story line that kept me reading. I enjoyed (it) a lot." - Ian Watson, SF author

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