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Y Lolfa - Location

Y Lolfa is located in the Old Police Station in Talybont (Ceredigion) on the main road (A487) between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth, opposite Bethel and Tabernacl chapels, on the same side as the Memorial Hall. Use the post code SY24 5HE if you're using a Sat Nav system to find us. For a map, see our contact page.

Y Lolfa - Background

Y Lolfa was established in the mid-sixties, an exciting period of fun and protest. The company acted as unofficial printers to the new, activist Welsh Language Society, while also producing its own irreverent brand of popular and political material, including the satirical magazine Lol (meaning 'fun' or 'nonsense'), from which the company's name was derived.

The company evolved gradually, producing an ever widening range of popular books in both Welsh and English. Meanwhile, it embraced new technologies. In the sixties it revelled the artistic freedom offered by photo-litho and in the nineties welcomed the digital revolution and was the first Welsh publishing company to have a website. Y Lolfa now has five-colour and perfector presses with half its turnover coming from commercial print work.

In a world dominated by large corporations and bureaucracies, Y Lolfa believes that 'small is beautiful' in publishing as in life. It was Andre Gide who said, "I like small numbers. I like small nations. The world will be saved by the few."

Y Lolfa's staff

The team

Y Lolfa, Talybont, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Cymru/Wales SY24 5HE     +44(0) 1970 832 304


Clawr | Cover Glyndwr to Arms!
Glyndwr to Arms!
Moelwyn Jones
full details

Clawr | Cover Flame in the Mountains
Flame in the Mountains
H A Hodges
full details

Clawr | Cover Welsh Valleys Phrasebook
Welsh Valleys Phrasebook
David Jandrell
full details

Clawr | Cover Return from Darkness
Return from Darkness
Graham Jones
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