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Marking the 50th Anniversary of Aberfan - A Story of Survival, Love and Community in One Of Britain's Worst Disasters

On the 21st of October 1966, the village of Aberfan in Merthyr Tudfyl was shattered by one of the worst disasters in Welsh and British history.

Following days of bad weather, water from a spring had destabilized a huge coal slag tip – one of the black man-made mountains which surrounded the village. Thousands of tonnes of coal tip waste slid down a mountainside and devastated the mining village of Aberfan. The black mass crashed through the local school, where pupils were celebrating the last day of term.

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Marking the Centenary of the Battle of Mametz Wood 1916 with previously unpublished material

Today will see national interest in the hundredth anniversary of the Battle for Mametz Wood on the Somme which began on the 7th of July, 1916, and a new work containing previously unpublished personal accounts from both sides will aim to give hitherto unseen balance to the conflict.

'The Welsh at Mametz Wood, The Somme 1916' by Jonathan Hicks is a brand new interpretation of the First World War battle for Mametz Wood, telling the story of those terrible days from the viewpoint of soldiers who were actually there.

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Lifting the lid on a notorious election campaign

All parties say that they want more 'real people' in politics, but one man's experience perhaps suggests otherwise.

In the normally sedate rural constituency of Ceredigion, the general election of 2015 exploded into sensationalist headlines and the dirtiest campaign in living memory. At the centre of the fray was Plaid Cymru's English-born, first-time candidate, author and broadcaster Mike Parker.

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Y Lolfa Challenge the Government with Red Dragon Stickers

A well-known publishing company in Wales has decided to challenge the decision taken by the UK Government to include the Union Jack on new driving licenses by producing Red Dragon stickers to be placed in their place.

In 2014 the UK Government announced that the Union Jack will appear on every new drivers license from now on appearing alongside the EU banner on the licesnses of drivers in Wales, Scotland and England. The decision was strongly condemened by inviduals such as the MP for Arfon, Hywel Williams from Plaid Cymru. Over 3,000 signed the online petition but despite this the new licenses sporting the Union Jack began to appear in July 2015.

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New novel explores role of Welsh Women in Middle Ages

A new novel written from the female perspective on a turbulent, yet successful period in Welsh history, when Wales was an independent kingdom with its own King and Queen, seeks to explore the role of Welsh women in the middle ages.

Set immediately before the Norman invasion of England, during the reign of Gruffudd ap Llywelyn (1039–63), a violent, determined man who became the undisputed king of all Wales, The Lost Welsh Kingdom follows the life and times of young Elen. Very much against her will, her life becomes embroiled with that of this most powerful of Welsh kings at his capital in Rhuddlan. Will she survive such a life of misery? Or will she embrace the fate that has befallen her?

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Welsh history is retold in innovative new book

Drawn together from the latest scholarship, the highly informative book 'Welsh History: A Chronological Outline', presents a chronological survey and brief outline of Welsh history from prehistoric times to the present day – the first to do so since Annales Cambriae.

Compiled by Breton author Glyn German – originally from Quimper in Brittany but has Welsh ancestral roots, the book focuses on “not only on the historical background of Wales, but also the artistic, religious, social, economic and political aspects that have contributed to the development of the extraordinary resilient culture of the Welsh people.”

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Wales 56 England 0

This is not the predicted score for the forthcoming rugby match, or the number of injuries in each camp, but the number of victories by the Wales team against England in a new book published in preparation for the Rugby Wold Cup, called Wales Defeated England by Lynn Davies.

As the Wales v England match on 26 September is one of the most anticipated rugby matches of all time, this book reflects on all previous Welsh victories against the English.

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The Artist Behind Salem

It is an iconic image of Wales to compare with pit winding wheels, leeks and daffodils, rugby posts - and ladies in tall hats. Sydney Curnow Vosper's Salem has inspired and mystified Welsh poets, artists, and local historians for the best part of the 20th century.

This week Y Lolfa will release the first full biography of Curnow Vosper. Curnow Vosper: His Life and His Works by Joylon Goodman contains the largest number of his work ever published in one volume. He exhibited over two hundred watercolours, mainly in London, but the principal collections of his works are now held in Wales.

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British Soap Awards Winner Publishes Third Novel in Three Years

EastEnders' longest serving writer and winner of this year's Outstanding Achievent Award at the British Soap Awards ceremony, Rob Gittins, has published his third novel in three years with Y Lolfa press.

The award-winning screenwriter from Carmarthenshire launched Secret Shelter, this third thriller, in Carmarthen's Waterstones last week. The hard-hitting crime novel is set in the hidden world of witness protection, and features characters first encountered in the author's debut novel, Gimme Shelter (2013).

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Author of best-selling Welsh for Parents course releases brand-new handbook

“If we want people to use Welsh, then we need to continue to get much better at teaching people what they actually want to say and do – and Welsh for Parents: A Learner's Handbook is a small step on that journey.”

Lisa Jones learnt Welsh from scratch after moving to Brecon soon after her first child was born, in order to help put the language back into her family. She studied at the University of Glamorgan and taught Welsh at Coleg Gwent before starting to design and run Welsh classes tailored for busy parents in order to raise money for her children's Welsh-speaking primary school. Parents learnt practical everyday language for home, school and the community.

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