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Welsh wine merchants win prestigious food award

A Welsh cookbook by two local Welsh entrepreneurs has won a prestigious French cookbook award.

Rarebit and Rioja: Recipes and wine tales from Wales by Dylan and Llinos Rowlands of Gwin Dylanwad Wine, Dolgellau, has been declared the national British winner in its category, Best Food and Wine at the 2017 Gourmand Awards. The Welsh food and wine book stems from the two entrepreneurs' 30 years experience in the trade.

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New book aims to teach children about global warming

A new children's book published this week will aim to teach children about global warming and threat to endangered species.

Set in Ethiopia, The Crystal Fountain by David Morgan Williams is the story of two children, Omo and Asha, rescuing an ibex from a landslide on Mount Ras Dash. The injured ibex is brought back to health with the help of the two children and Henry, the hippo, and Crocus, the crocodile and some magical bubbles from the crystal fountain.

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Y Lolfa launch their advent calendar

Publishers and printers Y Lolfa launch their advent calendar at 12pm today which will include recommendations of books to give as gifts or to read over the holidays and in the new year.

'We are very proud to launch our Christmas campaign which will encourage people to give books as gifts and to read over the festivities and beyond' said Fflur Arwel, Head of Marketing at Y Lolfa.

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The Welsh impact on Manchester United FC.

Wales has made an immeasurable contribution to one of the most popular football clubs in the world, Manchester United, a book published this week reveals.

The Manchester United Welsh by Gwyn Jenkins and Ioan Gwyn offers an insight into Wales' contribution to one of football's most famous clubs.

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Farmers lead business venture

A group of farmers' wives whom produced a successful bespoke agricultural diary last year are set out to produce a better diary this year that will be used by more involved in the agricultural sector.

The new 2017 Agricultural Diary published this week will be high on the list of the ideal Christmas presents as the group hopes that once again this year people will be purchasing the A4 diary as gifts for family members.

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Alun the Bear joins the Welsh football team

One of Wales' most beloved bears will be joining the Wales football team in his latest adventure.

In Alun the Bear and the Football Match by Morgan Tomos Alun has the opportunity to train with the Wales football team. But he can't play very well so he decides to be a referee instead. But what kind of referee will Alun be?

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Wales football stars hail new book charting success

Players from the Wales football team have sung the praises of a new book that details the incredible success story of the team during the summer of 2016.

Published this week, When Dragons Dare to Dream is the follow-up to Jamie Thomas' successful The Dragon Roars Again and starts where that left off, charting the amazing progress of the Welsh football team through the Euro 2016 finals.

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A compelling account of the early years of Glyndwr’s uprising

The first book in a new trilogy which tells the compelling story of the early years of Glyndwr's uprising is published this week.

Glyndwr: Son of Prophecy by the late Moelwyn Jones is an imaginary novel based on the real life and battles of Owain Glyndwr.

The year is 1401, Owain Glyndwr and his growing forces are still no more than a thorn in the side of the English crown. But when a force of some forty men succeed in taking the prestigious castle of Conwy from under the nose of King Henry IV, it marks a dramatic shift in the fortunes of Glyndwr's great Welsh rebellion.

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Terry Davies: One of Wales's first rugby superstars

One of the first superstars of rugby union, Terry Davies, reveals the truth about his life in rugby in the 1950s as well as the loss of his talented brother to leukaemia at a young age in his long awaited autobiography this week.

He also reveals all about what happened to that crossbar that was stolen from Twickenham in 1958.

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'Safeguarding Rugby's Future'

The hugely successful 2015 World Cup obscured the reality rugby union has become too dangerous.

In the updated edition of his John Dawes biography, author ROSS REYBURN recalls the views of Dawes and Carwyn James, architects of the historic 1971 Lions victory in New Zealand, that could transform the modern game.

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