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Clawr | Cover

Lord Forgive Me, but I was a (Business) Bullshit Consultant

Anthony Bunko  Other books by Anthony Bunko

When I landed my dream job I thought it would mean a life of travelling to exotic places, meeting interesting people and making lots of money. What I didn't expect was a scary rollercoaster ride full of fist-fights, muggings, kidnapping, gun chases, ghosts, psychopaths, midgets, hookers, back-stabbing, bullshit, weird sex, strong drugs and the odd plate of sausage rolls.

What a nightmare!

ISBN: 9781847718754

Category: Humour

Language: English


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  "This is a cool and very funny exploration of an amazing life. It reads like a dream. Unputdownable!" - Boyd Clack, actor and writer, Satellite City and High Hopes

  "The way of the transgressor is hard. Don't share this very enjoyable book with your children." - Kevin Allen, director, producer and writer of cult movie, Twin Town

  "Quick witted and heartwarming, with a bona fide laugh-out-loud on every page" - Rachel Tresize, award-winning author and playwright

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