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Harvest Moon: The life and work of artist Aneurin Jones (pb)

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Here's a gem of a volume, one which combines the autobiography of an artist with many of his most iconic paintings. By appreciating the words and pictures, we come to understand how Aneurin Jones became one of the most prominent portrayers of the Welsh rural vista. We learn about his upbringing in Cwm Wysg, his high-spirited college days, and his artistically fruitful times living in Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion where he rediscovered the close-knit communities and unique characters of his youth. Full of amazing anecdotes and portraits of memorable characters (and animals, too), this treasure of a book not only depicts a way of life which is rapidly disappearing, but also celebrates the work of one of Wales' greatest artists.

ISBN: 9781847718747

Category: Art

Language: English



  "Aneurin is doing a priceless service of preservation for us all in his paintings which provides a marvellous record of twentieth century rural Wales... A great character with a wonderful sense of humour, as great a raconteur as an artist, this is a book full of joys." - Meic Stephens, Cambria magazine

  "Paintings by the artist Aneurin Jones have been firm favourites in Welsh-speaking rural Wales for many, many years. However, his art captures a mood and subject which transcend any language barriers. If there wasn't a word of text in the book, it would still be more than worth the cover price for these illustrations alone. In his prose, however, Jones reveals something of the inspiration for these works, of the symbolism in them, the meaning of recurring motifs and the process of simplifying a picture until it achieves a transcending, mystic quality." - Iestyn Hughes, Gwales.com

  "Aneurin's familiar depictions of farmers, corrugated iron top farmsteads and Welsh cobs in hand have become as much a national archetype as Sir Kyffin Williams' ubiquitous images of Snowdonia and its denizens ever were." - Jonathan Glasbrook Griffiths, The Welsh Agenda

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