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Set in medieval Wales in the final years of the reign of Prince Llywelyn, the last Welsh Prince, our heroine Beth finds herself at the heart of the political intrigue and in-fighting at Llywelyn's court. The prince has many enemies, not just the formidable and ruthless King Edward I of England, but also his own brother Dafydd and no-one is to be trusted.

ISBN: 9781847718327

Category: Fiction

Language: English


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  "In Llywelyn, John Hughes brings the period 12771282, a brief moment in Wales's turbulent history, to life through his character Beth, a young woman with high ambitions and of exquisite beauty and natural poise, whose masterful intelligence proves to be all too easily blinded by passion... John Hughes writes with clarity and little embellishment, using simple language to give the reader a neat cameo of the period." - Norma Penfold, Gwales

  "A superbly crafted historical novel with impressive attention to detail from beginning to end, 'Llywelyn' is a impressively entertaining novel of the first order and demonstrates author John Hughes as a master of the storytelling arts. Very highly recommended for historical novel enthusiasts, 'Llywelyn' is certain to be an enduringly popular addition to community library Historical Fiction collections." - Michael Dunford, The Midwest Book Review

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