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A Welsh Dawn

Gareth Thomas  Other books by Gareth Thomas

A novel set in rural Wales explores the tensions within Welsh society in the 1950s: tensions between Welsh- and English-speaking Wales, between North and South, between those who wanted to preserve their heritage and those who wanted prosperity at any cost, between the generation who had experienced the war and the young people who see Wales within a wider European context.

ISBN: 9781847718242

Category: Fiction

Language: English


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  "Reading this novel was like looking in a mirror. It made me feel as if I was reading my own autobiography, discovering something of myself in the various characters. In fact it is as if I had lived the novel. This is an epic novel in every sense of the word. In it I rediscovered parts of myself." - Lyn Ebenezer, Gwales.com

  "The book is highly readable, written with humour and perception - a significant achievement. It has a unique perspective. It deserves to be widely read." - Dafydd Wigley, Daily Post

  "I see a film in the making." - Linda Christmas, The Welsh Agenda

  "A Welsh Dawn is a political novel to be welcomed. It is refreshing to read about the experiences of an English-speaking child in a minority of one, rather than the other way round... The most important question comes in an exchange between the lovers central to Gareth Thomas' story: 'Do you feel you're outgrowing Penygroes?... You used to call it a dump.' In fifty years, I've heard this question so many times, but never in English, and never before in the pages of a novel. It's about time." - Angharad Tomos, Planet magazine

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