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Clawr | Cover

XCalibur, Merlin and the Teeth of the Dragon

David Morgan Williams  Other books by David Morgan Williams

A fantasy thriller for 9 to 12 year olds. This is the third book in the Spirit of the Dragon trilogy.

How did Huw find himself back in the year 590 AD and how did he get there?

And who was Aneurin? How did Merlin arrange for Huw and Arthur to meet King Arthur and his knights on the field of battle? When Huw tells Merlin about his plans to visit China, Merlin predicts that he will be facing great danger. He advises him to travel even further back in time to meet Emperor Qin, China's first emperor, and he gives him a small but very powerful talisman which once belonged to the emperor - a jade Buddha.

What are the secrets hidden in the coded messages, and who or what are the cobramen? Huw and his circle of friends need to call on the help of western and eastern dragons plus the emperor's Terracotta Army when they face the evil forces of Mei Wong and the cobramen.

Will the spirit of the dragon overcome the venom of the snake?

ISBN: 9781847718235

Category: Children

Language: English

Part of the series: The Spirit of the Dragon


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