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Clawr | Cover


Lloyd Jones  Other books by Lloyd Jones

A gripping novel set on a remote lake-side farm, Dolfrwynog, in north Wales, where we are introduced to a family living a basic life following a worldwide crisis. The mother, Elin, has turned her back on the world, unable to cope with its hardships, the cold, the poverty. Uncle Wil is aging and the children, Mari and Huw, have yet to realise the tragedy that's isolating the farm.

ISBN: 9781847718181

Category: Fiction

Language: English


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  "It must be one of the best and most moving books I've ever read and, believe me, I have always read a very great deal... It caused me great pain to read it but I couldn't put it down. I wanted to thank you for publishing it and Lloyd Jones for writing it, beautifully." - Mair Williams-Verthuy

  "A bleak, brutal and beautifully-written imagining of a life on a Welsh hill farm after extreme weather conditions, caused by climate change, have wrecked social structures and food production." - Helen Pendry, Planet

  "Jones should be applauded for tackling a hugely difficult subject: we urgently need novelists to explore the problems of climate change within a Welsh context." - Angharad Penrhyn Jones, New Welsh Review

  "Versions, or translations, can cause trepidation and often lead to disappointment, but 'Water' avoids such pitfalls... It is precisely its depth of detail and precise particularity that makes 'Water' universal: it is a story that has meaning which will translate to wherever you live." - Charmian Savill, Planet magazine

  "Jones writes with a serrated precision. The predicament of people clinging onto the edges of physical and psychological existence is cut out in narrow and pinpoint-accurate sentences in a book of bone and little spare flesh... Water is a tough but essential read in that it demands the resolve of the reader to both appreciate the consequences of our carelessness and to get out there and build a better society based on the needs of all and not the endless greed of a few." - Paul Simon, Morning Star

  "This is a novel that seems worryingly apt in these times of aggressive abuse of the natural world and an ever-increasing reliance on a teetering edifice of technical wizardry. Lloyd Jones gives us a terribly real vision of a future that day by day seems to creep closer, much as the water creeps towards the farmyard..." - Lucy Walter, Gwales

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