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A Haven from Hitler

Heini Gruffudd  Other books by Heini Gruffudd

This is a story of suffering and heroism, love and hatred, death and survival during the most destructive years of the 20th century in Europe.

Originally published in Welsh under the title "Yr Erlid", it won the Welsh Book of the Year prize in 2013. It tells the story of the family of Kate Bosse-Griffiths, of German-Jewish descent, who fled the brutal regime of the Nazis and became one of Wales' leading academic and literary figures.

In Oxford she met fellow Classics scholar and Egyptologist J. Gwyn Griffiths and they soon settled as a married couple in Rhondda where Kate established the Cadwgan Literary Circle.

Meanwhile her family, like hundreds of thousands of others of Jewish descent, suffered from Nazi persecution.

The story is based on hundreds of letters, documents and first-hand accounts by members of the family. They tell of the Nazi-inspired attacks of Kristallnacht, life under their brutal regime, efforts to flee and periods of imprisonment, and the horror of life inside concentration camps.

ISBN: 9781847718174

Category: History

Language: English


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  "The determination of this vastly resourceful family to survive is awesome. Heini Gruffudd has been fortunate that many members of this literary family had committed to paper a record of their experiences. Even so, bringing order and coherence to so many strands, detail and information much of it in German can only be described as a monumental task. It's entirely fitting then that the book has been published by Y Lolfa, arguably Wales's foremost publishing house, which was established by Robat Gruffudd, Heini Gruffudd's brother and Bosse-Griffiths's eldest son." - Gwyn Griffiths, Morning Star

  "Heini Gruffudd and some of his relatives began to gather documents and evidence about the family for their own interest, but a shared and growing feeling that the story of the war-time generation should not be lost, combined with encouragement from S4C and y Lolfa, resulted in first the Welsh and now the English version of this book. One could hardly find a clearer testimony to the barrenness of racist hatred and the fruitfulness of generous love." - Caroline Clark, Gwales

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