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Great Welsh Number 10s

Lynn Davies  Other books by Lynn Davies

The Welsh rugby-loving public have always been fascinated by the status traditionally given to the number ten. For so many years he was synonymous with the "Welsh Way" of playing the game which entailed that he, more so than any other player in the team, held the licence to thrill. Sadly the skills for which he was admired have, to a great extent, disappeared from the modern game.

However this book affords an opportunity to review the attributes of all the players capped for Wales at outside-half between 1947-99 and to re-evaluate that which made, for example, Billy Cleaver, Cliff Morgan, Barry John, David Watkins, Phil Bennet, Gareth Davies, Jonathan Davies, Neil Jenkins and many others, such excellent exponentsof fly-half play.

ISBN: 9781847717085

Category: Sport

Language: English



  "The book is another welcome addition to the rugby-lover's library shelves, both as a fund of stories and as a source of reference." - Barri Hurford, Secretary, Welsh Rugby Writers

  "This is a book that will undoubtedly rekindle many an argument over a pint at the club. Lynn Davies includes no fewer than 31 Number Tens, ranging alphabetically from Cliff Ashton to Bleddyn Williams, and chronologically spanning fifty years from Billy Cleaver to Neil Jenkins. The Number Ten, as stated on the back cover, has always fascinated the Welsh rugby-loving public. It was a position that was synonymous with the Welsh way of playing. It was always the Number Ten who held the licence to thrill. " - Lyn Ebenezer , Gwales.com

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