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Clawr | Cover

The Welsh National Anthem

Sion T. Jobbins  Other books by Sion T. Jobbins

Learn the story behind the stirring song that, just because it was so good, became the Welsh National Anthem.

Learn about the romance and radicalism of nineteenthcentury Wales, and of Pontypridd in particular, where the father and son, Evan and James James, were inspired. And learn the meaning of the words and music, which are all included in this book.

ISBN: 9781847716590

Category: Leisure Sport

Language: English



  "France and Italy have exciting anthems. But it is ours, describing what it means to be Welsh, which possesses the real 'Puccini factor'. " - Barri Hurford, Welsh Rugby Writers’ Association

  "I found the booklet to be very interesting, especially the line-by-line analysis of 'Hen Wlad fy Nhadau'. The booklet is attractive, generously supplied as it is with photographs, press cuttings, reproductions of a National Eisteddfod poster and the paintings such as The Last Bard by Thomas Jones. There is much to be learned from the contents of The Welsh National Anthem and much food for thought, whatever nationality the reader. " - Catriona Jackson, Gwales

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