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Blood Month

William Vaughan  Other books by William Vaughan

Blood Month is a fast-paced whodunit which takes a frank look at the tensions and frustrations infused in a Welsh boarding school in the autumn of 1971. Rhian Evans, a young and lonely history teacher, arrives at Llanover Grange and soon begins an affair with Gareth, a troubled student she meets at an evening class. But the situation becomes fraught when she also finds herself attracted to one of the pupils. On Remembrance Sunday, Rhian chances upon the body of the Rev. John Griffiths, the school's unpopular headmaster. Detectives Chief Inspector Tom Llewellyn and Sergeant Jack Jones discover a list of possible suspects, accusations of sexual misconduct and a climate of jealousy and intrigue. After several false starts, the duo stumble upon the truth, but not before an innocent woman is charged with murder.

ISBN: 9781847716569

Category: Fiction

Language: English


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  "I found this novel fast paced and compelling - a page turner, as they say. The characters were interesting, the setting unusual and was therefore memorable. I enjoyed the book very much." - Dr Phil Carradice, Welsh writer and broadcaster

  "William Vaughan's racy little novel, though set some four decades ago, covers what have become contemporary issues. His characters are masterfully drawn and the narrative is well-paced." - Norma Penfold, www.gwales.com

  "The plot retains a breakneck pace from start to finish...but there are twists aplenty before the truth is finally uncovered." - Buzz Magazine

  "William Vaughan deftly writes an engaging mystery populated with memorable characters and a swiftly paced story line that compels the reader's total attention from beginning to end. A quick and entertaining read, 'Blood Month' is highly recommended, especially for those who like their mysteries articulate and exceptionally well crafted." - Julie Summers, The Midwest Book Review

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