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Welsh Nicknames

Les Chamberlain  Other books by Les Chamberlain

How did Jones the Filth get his name and why was Dai Quiet Wedding so-called? Who were Jock the Bomb, Tommy Titanic, Herb Muck and Sam Waterloo?

The Welsh have always gone to great lengths to distinguish between their Joneses, Williamses and Jenkinses, usually with nicknames connected to occupations, disfigurements or place of birth. But they were often given with a great sense of humour, so no surprise when a collier called William Davies, who was constantly on the look out to avoid a nickname, was called Will Look Out!

Les Chamberlain lives in Wrexham and has been collecting nicknames from all parts of Wales for more than 40 years.

ISBN: 9781847716521

Category: Leisure Humour

Language: English



  "A truly comical round-up of wonderfully varied Welsh nicknames. This book is indicative of Welsh people's love of laughter." - Liz Whittacker, Tivyside

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