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Clawr | Cover

Feet of Clay

Sheila Morgan  Other books by Sheila Morgan

One day it will be his.

One day.

But GODfrey wants it now.

All of it.

As a butcher he's not afraid of spilling a little blood to get what he wants. And, by "God", one way or another, he will...

After years of austerity, the south Wales Valleys of the 1950s have never had it so good. At least, that's the case for Godfrey Parson, sole heir to the thriving butcher's business of Parson and Son, Purveyors of Quality Meat.

But the good times have a darker side, bringing a change in attitudes to some in the village of Crymceynon. Traditional values don't hold so much sway in a world greedy for the wonders of the new consumer age - whatever the cost.

Known quite simply as "God" to his doting parents Gilberts and Esther, Godfrey stands to inherit the thriving business that his father and grandfather have built over many years.

"Feet of Clay", an engaging and chilling tale of Valleys life, is a sequel to "Olicka Bolicka and Pink Bluebells", Sheila Morgan's story of a south Wales mining village during the second World War, also available from Y Lolfa.

ISBN: 9781847714244

Category: Fiction

Language: English


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