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Atlas of Stateless Nations in Europe

Mikael Bodlore-Penlaez  Other books by Mikael Bodlore-Penlaez

This unique atlas takes us on a panoramic tour of the stateless nations in Europe today. It maps their physical and linguistic character, and graphically summarises their history, politics and present position.

The Alsacians, Basques, Corsicans, Frisians, the Scots and the Welsh are all peoples who are not sovereign and are fighting for their cultural and political identity. Others - the Irish, Poles and the Baltic nations - were recently stateless but are now fully fledged nation states.

As fascinating for the student as for the activist, this atlas depicts the marvellous mosaic that is Europe today, and paints a picture of a future Europe of flourishing small nations: peaceful, self-supporting and lively.

ISBN: 9781847713797

Category: Politics

Language: English


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