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Clawr | Cover

Clec i'r Wy (Cam 2 Rwdlan: Synau)

Angharad Tomos  Other books by Angharad Tomos

Dewin Dwl is in a hurry, but he must eat breakfast before going to school. A book of rhymes!

A book in the set of 6 Llyfr Synau, which follow on from the Darllen Mewn Dim Rwdlan set of books. A valuable resource for parents and teachers.

Also in the series:

Mewian ar y Mat

Sblash yn y Bath

Band Gwlad y Rwla

ISBN: 9781847713407

Category: Children

Language: Welsh

Part of the series: Darllen Mewn Dim, Cam 2 Rwdlan (Synau)


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