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Glyndwr's Daughter

John Hughes  Other books by John Hughes

Gwenllian was one of Owain Glyndwr's daughters. Her beauty, poise, intelligence and loyalty were renowned. But she was also drawn deeply into the murky world of espionage in order to help her father's cause and she was forced to lead a double life. She soon learnt that whatever was said about her father's whereabouts or his intentions were planted by his agents to deceive his numerous enemies and she, against her own will and better judgement, became entangled in the cloak and dagger life of the time.

Gwenllian suffered harrowing experiences but endeavoured to overcome all the hardships that life threw at her because of who she was. This is her story...

ISBN: 9781847713315

Category: Fiction

Language: English


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  "The bodies of kings and princes are turning up in the most unusual places these days. The discovery of Richard III in a car park has led to speculation about the whereabouts of other missing monarchs. In Wales, of course, the fate and final resting place of Owain Glyndwr offer their own bones of contention! John Hughes' novel adds to this debate, but the book is much more than this.

John Hughes' novel is fast-paced, its plot full of twists, surprise and intrigue... He clearly knows his stuff, and he knows how to tell a good tale whether in the end we believe it - and what it has to say about where bodies may be found - or not." - Paul Wright, Cambria Magazine

  "This book is an ideal read for those interested in Welsh historic stories and those wanting a book with an element of mystery based in Wales. " - Sarah Lianne Lewis, Gwales.com

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