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Appy: Bont, Busnes a Byd y BÍl

Meirion Appleton  Other books by Meirion Appleton

Meirion Appleton has never been afraid of taking risks. This was obvious, even when he was a young boy growing up in Capel Seion, near Aberystwyth. Who else would keep playing football after having his leg in plaster for 18 months - and without his mother's knowledge?

This bravery made him a successfull businessman and manager of the football teams of Aberystwyth, Bangor and Bont.

Now he tells his story in this honest, memorable biography about his career, his famous contacts in the soccer world and his personal life.

Beginning with the shock of discovering that the man he called "Dad" wasn't in fact his biological father, he tells us of the selling tactics he used to ensure his success as a businessman in the sporting world, with his career spanning several decades, and the disappointment of a failed marriage and having to declare himself bankrupt.

This is a fascinating book for anyone who is interested in business, football and people.

ISBN: 9781847713230

Category: Sport

Language: Welsh


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