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Gold Under Bracken

Richard Hartnup  Other books by Richard Hartnup

This beautifully illustrated volume is a readily understandable introduction to the landscape of Wales. "Gold Under Bracken" looks at soil types as a means of appreciating Welsh landscape features, such as dunes, heaths and lowland bogs. It also suggests how our countryside has evolved over time. Excursions and walks throughout Wales are suggested to exemplify the variety of our landscape. An essential read for those wishing to get to know the mountains, hills and valleys of Wales better.

ISBN: 9781847713148

Category: Leisure

Language: English



  "This is the only British book that tackles soil science and landscape in a way which is entertaining and accessible to the non-specialist. It throws a new light on the nature of the Welsh countryside. Suggestions for walks enable the reader get out into the open air to explore and expand the ideas given in the text.

" - LOD Review

  "Everyone, who enjoys the landscape of Wales, remote places and wild flowers, will gain added interest by delving into this book and using it as they follow some of the suggested walks. Very good value and highly recommended.

" - Kate Gibbs, Natur Cymru / Nature of Wales

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