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Clawr | Cover

Pwy Faga Ddefed?

Ifan Gruffydd  Other books by Ifan Gruffydd

According to some, this book is a combination of Jeremy Clarkson's rants and countryside humour. This is Ifan Gruffydd on his soapbox, telling us what he thinks of the farming community, tractors, the Royal Welsh Show and some of the strange habits of Welsh farmers... Why do farmers insist on wearing flat caps? Why is the food at the Royal Welsh Show 'so awfully awful'? Why do farmers complain so much? If complining was an Olympic sport the farmer would be choking with the weight of gold medals around his neck. You will have fun when you read about the things that worry Ifan, and will laugh when you read the jokes at the end of each chapter. And perhaps you'll be inpired when you read the poetry that has inspired some of the people of rural Wales, such as Ann Jones formerly of Gartheli: O ben mynydd Tychrug rwy'n gweled, Defed a defed a defed, A defed a defed, A defed a defed, A defed a defed a defed. (From the top of Tychrug mountain I see, Sheep and sheep and sheep, And sheep and sheep, And sheep and sheep, And sheep and sheep and sheep.)

ISBN: 9781847712899

Category: Humour

Language: Welsh


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