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A minister is present for some of the most fateful moments in life - from the christening, to the wedding and the funeral. He listens to confessions and provides a friendly ear to several other members of the congregation. It is no wonder, then, that he is in need of a good sense of humour! Playing pranks, telling jokes and humour were an important part of Goronwy Evans' childhood in rural Wales. His life has revolved around three Llans - Llanwenog, Llandysul and Llanbed (Lampeter) and in those areas he has heard many pearls from the mouths of youngsters and several other colourful characters. This book is full of true stories, jokes and poems that illustrate the Cardiganshire humour at its best. In the words of the author - "Laughter and humour are a tonic for the soul and a beneficial ointment. I would never have spent almost fifty years as a minister without it."

ISBN: 9781847712837

Category: Humour

Language: Welsh

Part of the series: Cyfres Ti'n Jocan


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