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Ali Yassine: Llais yr Adar Gleision

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Blue Birds supporters will know Ali Yassine as the voice of Cardiff City football club. He is the one who warms up the crowd with his jokes over the loudspeaker.He is also responsible for choosing the songs with which to welcome the fans of the visiting teams! In this book you will get to know Ali and his unique sense of humour and the fun he's had on the microphone. He received complaints from The Sun and has managed to offend David Beckham! He was also fortunate enough to speak Welsh over the microphone in Wembley and was honoured to encourage Wales at the Millennium Stadium. This book is packed with fun and humour for those who enjoy reading about a colourful character. A special gift for all football supporters - regardless of your team!

ISBN: 9781847711731

Category: Sport

Language: Welsh

Part of the series: Stori Sydyn


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