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Y Crwydryn a Mi

Meic Stevens  Other books by Meic Stevens

The second installment of Meic Stevens' autobiography. This volume sees Meic in Brittany in the early 70s as he wanders from one drunken festival to the next. From Rue St Michel, to the wild west, we are introduced to some of the most colourful musicians of the folk revival. After returning to Wales, Meic produced the classic "Gog", with its echoes of Breton, and started a new chapter of his life in Bangor with Gwenllian. But he later returned to a flat in Conway Road, Cardiff to enjoy the bohemian life of actors and the media in the capital. He was given the chance to collaborate with Rhydwen Williams on the show "Dic Penderyn", and after more wild parties in the exciting atmosphere of the late 70s he returned to the north to produce another masterpiece "Nos Du, Nos Da". This book gives an insight into Meics wildest and most productive era, when he was acknowledged as one of the true survivors of the Welsh popular music scene.

ISBN: 9781847711212


Language: Welsh


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