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Grand Slam - Behind the Scenes of the Classic Film

John Hefin  Other books by John Hefin

Follow Maldwyn as he recounts "going up that boulevard like a bat out of hell". Enjoy his journey to "the city of sin" as he flies "with two buckles and no end". Join Glyn and his father Mr Lloyd-Evans as they recall "It's not every day you have a weekend like that". Share again Mog's marathon in boxer shorts from the clink to the Parc des Princes. Yes, it's 30 years since "It" hit the screen. Almost overnight Grand Slam was taken into the heart of the nation: it seemed as if it had made people laugh as well as capturing the euphoric mood of 70s rugby, that incredible period of three Grand Slams. Needless to say it was a never-to-be-forgotten decade of delight, as manifested in this memorable film.

ISBN: 9781847710178

Category: Sport Leisure

Language: English



  "I don't know why, but Mam was never keen on me going to Paris after seeing Grand Slam!" - Gareth Edwards

  "You've relished the Grand Slam banquet, now enjoy the film's mad kitchen and the marvellous blending of ingredients." - Roy Noble, BBC Wales

  "My brother Rich, whenever he felt a touch of hiraeth, would watch Grand Slam." - Graham Jenkins, brother of Richard Burton

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