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Clawr | Cover

In Pursuit of Saint David, Patron Saint of Wales

Gerald Morgan  Other books by Gerald Morgan

This is just the book for anyone wishing to know more about the patron saint of Wales.

“Who was David?” or “What did he do?” are questions often heard on the lips of people on 1 March every year. Every generation has refashioned David to fit the times, so here we can read about David the saint and patron saint, David the prophet, David the soldier on the battlefield, David the knight and even David the mariied man! Not even the Protestant Reformation was able to remove him from the consciousness of the Welsh people.

David has been the subject of many Welsh and English poets, including Shakespeare. And with the establishment of Welsh societies in London and beyond, David became the toast of dinners far and wide, too. He's also given his name to hundreds of colleges, schools, clubs, business centres, concert halls and hospitals worldwide.

His is a most remarkable story.

ISBN: 9781784613723

Category: History

Language: English



  "Gerald Morgan's useful new primer is excellent in sticthing together some of the fragmentary information that has survived about Dewi Sant. Morgan is especially good at placing David in the context of his graographic influence, exploring sites in Ireland, Brittany and England as well as Wales, and placing David's story in the wider European panoply of the saints. " - Mike Parker, Planet Magazine

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