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The Manchester United Welsh

Gwyn Jenkins, Ioan Gwyn  Other books by Gwyn Jenkins, Ioan Gwyn

A fascinating insight into Wales' contribution to one of football's most famous clubs. From its early beginnings nearly a century and a half ago and players such as Jack Powell and Billy Meredith, through the Golden Age of the 1950-60s when Jimmy Murphy was Matt Busby's right-hand man, and on to the latter-day glory years under Alex Ferguson with worldwide icons such as Mark Hughes and Ryan Giggs, Welshmen have played a vital role in shaping the history of a club supported right across the world.

Do you know...

...who played 963 games for the club?

...which player was named after a Roman Emperor?

...who was accused of match-fixing in 1905?

...who Matt Busby called his most important signing?

...who apparently first coined the term “hairdryer treatment”?

The answers to these questions and much more can be found in this essential book for all Manchester United and Wales fans and for those interested in the development of football over the years.

ISBN: 9781784613570

Category: Sport

Language: English



  "From Billy Meredith to Ryan Giggs, the Welsh presence in the team, plus an outstanding coach in Jimmy Murphy, has made the Red Devils particularly attractive to Welsh soccer supporters over the years. Extensive research by the co-authors has unearthed names that I had never even heard of, and the index lists no fewer than 31 Welsh players who have represented the club. This is a book that should appeal not only to Manchester United fans but to all of us who follow the beautiful game." - Lyn Ebenezer, Gwales

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