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Speak Welsh Outside Class – You Can Do It!

Dr Lynda Pritchard Newcombe  Other books by Dr Lynda Pritchard Newcombe

Are you a learner who panics when you meet a Welsh speaker? Does what you learned in class vanish?

This is not a situation unique to Welsh learners. Often what you lack is not the ability but self-belief. In this book you will find guidance on how to cope when such circumstances arise.

Are you a Welsh speaker who would like to help learners but worry that your Welsh is not good enough? There's plenty od advice here for you too.

“Speak Welsh Outide Class – You Can Do It!” offers tips on how to overcome those obstacles as you progress with your Welsh.

ISBN: 9781784612733

Category: Learners

Language: English



  "I've never had to learn to speak Welsh as I was born with it. But through my work in broadcasting and as an author, I have come across many issues relating to the teaching of Welsh in schools and to adults. The key factor about Lynda Pritchard Newcombe's book title, in my view, is outside the class. For too long learning Welsh has been confined to four walls, whether they be those of the school or the community centre. This book makes an important contribution to taking Welsh out where it needs to be, on the streets and in regular day to day use. For all political and cultural implications, at the end of the day, Welsh is a language that just needs to be spoken. This book will make a huge contribution to those who wish to do so in an easy and user-friendly style. Diolch, Lynda." - Alun Gibbard, Gwales

  "Lynda Pritchard Newcombe grew up in Merthyr Tydfil without Welsh, but learned it as an adult to become a fluent Welsh speaker and teacher of Welsh. She is therefore highly aware of the problems faced by learners, especially the reluctance to go out and use Welsh in a public context. Her book Speak Welsh Outside Class is her response. It is a short primer (only 90 pages) of advice on how to make the transition.

Concise chapters discuss in an open, encouraging way issues such as the speed of Welsh-language speakers – it can be embarrassing in any language to ask a question and then not understand the answer, or to ask a question and be answered in English! There is excellent advice on this, including, if you are answered in English, ignore it and persist in Welsh, or ask the person you are addressing to slow down if you have difficulty keeping up. There is good advice too on how to extend your vocabulary, how to approach the problem of different dialects and slang.

Speak Welsh Outside Class is well designed and easy to read and should prove invaluable to learners who have reached the stage where it is time to venture out of the classroom into the streets. " - John Barnie, Gwales

  "This book is an excellent motivational guide for learners of all ages and Welsh speakers to use Welsh at every opportunity. It helps learners overcome the obstacles and gain confidence. Ardderchog." - John Teifi Morris, Y Clawdd

  "Excellent confidence-boosting and practical tips from an expert, written in a compelling, lively style. It's as if Lynda is talking to you, and you'll complete the book ready to chat in Welsh to the next person you see! An important book both for learners and teachers, with portable techniques for learning ANY language. What Lynda offers are not just tips on learning, but on speaking when you're not in class. A ground-breaking work." - Diana Cambridge, Gwales

  " I live in Japan. I have been learning Welsh for years but there are many useful points in this book. There is only one thing I would like to complain about. Why wasn't the book written earlier? If I had read the book years ago perhaps my Welsh would have improved more quickly. If you haven't read the book yet you should read it now! " - Dysgwr Yn Siapan o Tokyo (review on Gwales)

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