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Clawr | Cover

Last Rites

John Humphries  Other books by John Humphries

'Help! He's trying to kill me.'

With a practised thumb, Jack Flynt flips the cap off a bottle of Stella Artois and listens with the disciplined ear of a news reporter looking for a headline. The black antique telephone picked up in a junk shop stares at him from the small table tucked beneath the window of his Paris apartment. It has never rung before, the cables hanging frayed and lifeless from the back of the casing. Flynt reaches for the heavy receiver. A woman's voice seeps through the static pleading for her life.

He suspects his imagination, fuelled by too much Stella Artois, is playing tricks until the woman calls back, again and again. The ringing telephone becomes an obsession Flynt carries with him in a plastic Carrefour bag from Paris to Wales, then to Île d'Iroise, an island off the French coast, a refuge for a community of Breton-language speakers hiding a dark secret. Flynt's only hope is to do what he does best. If he finds the mystery caller he'll find the person trying to kill her. Unless he's too late!

ISBN: 9781784612535

Category: Fiction

Language: English

8.99     Reprinting soon


  " "Humphries weaves Welsh and Breton nationalism into a rich variety of plots and a goose-chase takes the intrepid reporter to London ... a fast-moving and gripping tale...'" - Gwyn Griffiths, Morning Star

  "Flynt is an engaging character, the plight of the Bretons is forcefully presented, and the puzzle of the Bakelite phone will keep readers guessing to the end." - Publishers Weekly

  "If you've ever wondered how many issues and how much excitement, intrigue and downright 'licence to thrill' you can fit into 280 pages, then you should probably start with this novel, which has a good go at hitting a record. It is packed to the rafters with more ideas, concepts, leads and plotlines than most authors could fit into an anthology. It's all go from the start, emotions racing, as you'll find it hard not to fall in love with snarling antihero Jack Flynt, who may be devoid of emotion but makes up for it with an unstoppable, unyielding pursuit of his one true passion the headlines. It may be post-Christmas, cold outside and bleak on the streets, but by goodness, who cares. Stick the fire on, put your feet up and get Last Rites on the go! You won't regret it. " - Jack Clothier, Gwales

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