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Investigating Mr Wakefield (pb)

Rob Gittins  Other books by Rob Gittins

What's a wife, husband or partner like when you're not watching?

Investigating Mr Wakefield explores the dangers waiting to ensnare those who try to find out.

In tight, breathtaking writing almost claustrophobic at times Investigating Mr Wakefield brilliantly explores how surveillance can only too quickly become its own addiction, as Jack becomes overwhelmed by an imagination gone bad.

Jack Connolly was a high flying war photographer. His career went into freefall when he manipulated the image of a dead soldier to make it appear that the soldier died a hero's death. At the time, Jack saw it as an act of simple humanity, but the innocent deception cost him his job and the trust of his peers. It taught Jack the all-important lesson; only one thing matters and that's the truth. So when Jack begins to suspect his partner might be leading a double life, he plunges into a search for the truth behind her actions. Jack believes he's shining a light on all that might be hidden. In fact he's journeying into the very heart of darkness.

ISBN: 9781784612399

Category: Fiction

Language: English


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  "A superb, unsettling book, both culturally significant and beautifully written." - Jeni Williams

  "It's rare that one is presented with such a powerful opportunity to single-mindedly descend into the uncharted depths of one fanatical idea but, in this latest novel, the ultra-talented Rob Gittins has delivered such an invitation on a shimmering silver platter and you'd be a fool not to accept.

This all the hallmarks in place to be a cult classic, and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. Exploring sensitive issues of love, loss and the most extreme jealousy there are elements of all of us in Jack Connolly's emotional explosion and we'd do well to recognise them before we suffer a fate worse than Mr Wakefield!
" - Jack Clothier, Gwales

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